About Us

Founded in 2001, AYEL manufactures industrial washing machines and stainless pumps. AYEL has had a healthy growth graphic in the field of industrial washing systems with its continuous innovative approach since the day it was founded with the R&D studies carried out by its expert staff and gained a justified reputation in the sector with its superior performance in the domestic and foreign markets over the years.

AYEL has achieved to achieve superior quality standards in production with the ISO 9001 and CE (European conformity mark) certificate it received in 2004, making its place in the domestic and foreign markets much more robust. In addition, it has accelerated the development trend in production quality and technology by obtaining a utility model patent in Spiral Washing and Immersion - Spray Washing Machines, which it has produced and developed within its own structure and adapted to all relevant sectors. AYEL also carries out projects related to special machine design and production for every sector.

Continuously developing, AYEL Industrial Washing Systems Industry Ltd. Şti. In addition to its subject, it entered a new investment field and completed R&D studies on "Centrifuge Stainless Pumps" and started production. We will continue to serve our valued customers with Unconditional Customer Satisfaction. We are proud of the added value we give to the country's economy by producing domestic goods.

Gelişmesini sürekli sürdüren AYEL Endüstriyel Yıkama Sistemleri San. Ltd. Şti. konusunun dışında yeni bir yatırım sahasına girerek "Santrifuj Paslanmaz Pompalar" konusunda AR-GE çalışmalarını tamamladı ve üretime geçti. Siz değerli müşterilerimize , Koşulsuz Müşteri Memnuniyeti ile hizmet vermeye devam edeceğiz. Yerli malı ürün üreterek ülke ekonomisine verdiğimiz katma değerden gurur duymaktayız.