Quality Policy

Ayel Industrial Washing Systems İmalat San.Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti; It aims to maintain its success in its sector and to increase its effectiveness in the national / international market. For this purpose;

It tries to increase its power in the market by creating new product studies / sales strategies.
It trains its employees for their business achievements, monitors their individual successes, supports and rewards them to act as a team.
It develops healthy and good relations with its suppliers and gives them the necessary support for joint success.
It measures the satisfaction of its customers, seeks ways to make them happier, and accepts customer satisfaction as the basic philosophy, while conducting continuous research, renewal and development processes in order to provide quality products and services to its customers within the framework of quality, health and environmental rules and laws.
It values its employees, measures the happiness of its employees and improves these activities for their happiness.
It provides new job opportunities to increase employment in the country.
It strives to comply with all the requirements of the quality management approach.
It determines various management policies and strategies, sets annual targets, measures the results and continuously improves these targets in order to achieve the business goals.
It meets the present and future needs of its customers in the sector in the best way.

Our Quality Targets

To measure, analyze and monitor the satisfaction of its employees
To measure, analyze and monitor customer satisfaction
Reaching new customers and constantly analyzing and monitoring existing customers
To work permanently in customer service
To continuously train its employees on technical, social and motivational issues
Visiting sectoral national and international fairs, participating in important fairs as a company,
Increasing employment capacity every year
To live and keep quality systems alive, to constantly explain the developments of these systems to employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and partners, and to ensure that they assimilate these systems in the best way.

Our ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System

Our company strives to fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001, Quality Management System in all its processes. It is known that quality has an important place in the future of our business. Our company is determined and determined to make all kinds of infrastructure and activity investments in order not to compromise on quality.

Our Customer Focused Approach

Our basic quality policy is to work customer-oriented, to meet the demands and expectations completely and to ensure customer satisfaction. The top management of the company is responsible for creating the necessary infrastructure for learning customer requests and adapting the company system in line with these requests.

Customer requests and conditions are generally specified in the order form or contract, and the conditions are reviewed by the company officials, taking into account the legal provisions.

Sectoral information is obtained through publications on this subject or by attending meetings and announced within the company.

Having an organization that is constantly grown and developed to ensure the satisfaction of our customers is one of the issues we attach importance to.