Cabinet Universal Washing Machines
  • Universal Washing Machines with Cabin, under fixed collectors in a closed cabinet; These are the systems in which the washing process is performed by rotating in one direction in the covered basket.

    Baskets are closed with locked lids whose height is adjusted according to the material.

    The materials placed in the Standard Basket are loaded into the machine via the loading-unloading platform.

    Washing processes; It is carried out as Immersion Washing, Immersion Rinse, Spray Passivation and Vacuum Drying.

    With specially designed fixed collectors, every point of the part is cleaned effectively by performing both pressure spray washing and immersion washing.

    The surface and inside of the holes are washed with a 3-row nozzle on the collector with a 5 mm thick flat flashing liquid at 5 mm intervals.

    By blowing air with a high flow fan, the water on the surface is removed with air and the material is dried in a short time with hot air in a moisture-free environment.

    Drum movement is programmed as full tour (360 degrees), half turn (180 degrees) and fixed.

    Washing is carried out as Immersion Turbulent washing. Washing pressure can be selected as 3 or 4 bar.

    Standard Basket Shaft spacing (6 mm -12 mm or 18 mm) will be selected according to the material.

    According to the shape of the part, special fix and basket applications can be made inside the basket.

    All operations are carried out in the same cabin with PLC control. Washing works with recipes created according to the material. Prescriptions can be created as requested.

    In pollutant (Oil-Chip) materials that are easy to clean on the surface. It is used for washing the materials to be put into the basket in bulk or to be lined with fixture in the basket.

    It is a Universal Washing Machine that can be used for washing all kinds of materials that fit in the basket.

    It can be used in accordance with washing processes for Aluminum, Brass Materials, Casting Materials, Iron Steel Types, Stainless Steel and Plastic types.

    Machine Dimensions (excluding loading platform) Width - 2250 mm Length - 1500 mm Height - 2200 mm
    Material Loading height 900 mm
    Washing Room Basket Dimensions Width - 540 mm  Length - 840 mm Height - 500 mm
    One Basket Washing Time 9 Minutes - 15 Minutes Interval
    Drum Basket Rotation Type 180 Degrees and 360 Degrees
    Washing Procedures:  
    1- Spray and Dip Washing Tank- 600 Liter
    2- Spray Rinse Tank- 500 Liter
    3- Spray Passivation Tank- 400 Liter
    4-Vacuum Drying  
    Heating Way Electric Resistance
    Floppy Oil Skimmer Standard
    Centrifugal Cartridge Filter System (50- 100- 200 Micron) Standard
    Automatic Liquid Level Control Standard
    Steam Condenser Standard
    Sliding Two-Basket Loading Platform Standard
    Automatic Loading Platform Optional